What Is Baal Aadhaar Card?

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently launched Baal Aadhaar, a type of Aadhaar card for child and kids under 5 years age. Baal Aadhar actually means Aadhaar card for kids which is now important for all children. A blue Aadhaar card will be issued to every child under 5 years from UIDAI. Baal Aadhar card wouldn’t contain bio-metric data of the kid but still it’ll be an important document for official requirements just like original Aadhaar cards which is issued to teenagers and adults.

Baal Aadhar Card

What Is Baal Aadhar Card?

As Aadhaar card for adults and kids above 5 years isn’t available for kids and children, it was a bit difficult to identify them. So, recently, Unique Identification Authority of India launched a specific type of Aadhaar card for children which is known as Baal Aadhaar.

These cards will be Blue in color and will be valid until the age of the kid is 5 years old. After that, once the kid crosses 5 years, they will get their own original Aadhaar cards like others.

As the kids under 5 years don’t have a clear bio-metric details, UIDAI decided not to collect bio-metric data at the time of issuing Baal Aadhar card to children.

Importance Of Baal Aadhar Card

As we mentioned above, Baal Aadhaar card is very important for kids under 5 years. Though, Indian Government didn’t make it mandatory for all children. But still, Baal Aadhar will help in these case:

  • It’ll be an important document as the kid grows up.
  • Baal Aadhar will be needed at the time of applying for various Government scholarships.
  • Baal Aadhaar is also a required thing for higher education.
  • It will help parents at the time of getting issued the original Aadhaar card in future.

Converting Baal Aadhaar To Proper Aadhaar

Once you have created Baal Aadhaar for your kids, it will be valid until a specific age of your kids. Once your kids turn 5 years age, you need to apply for a proper card by submitting the Baal Aadhar card.

UIDAI have given a time period of 7 years after your kid turns 5 years for the issuance of proper Aadhaar card. If you don’t apply for a proper card for your kids until they reach 12 years, the Baal Aadhaar card will be suspended. In that case, you might face some problems to convert the Baal Aadhar card to a proper one for your children.

If you have any other query about Baal Aadhar card, then please ask it in the comments section below. We will surely answer your questions.


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