NRC Assam: Complete Draft And Final NRC Details

NRC Assam: The first part of draft has been completed and now, the residents of Assam State will go through the second list. The official starting date of NRC Assam 2nd list is from May of this year. A news report by The Hindu¬†also clarified that SC didn’t agree to extend the deadline and within 31st May and 30th June, NRC Assam Draft and Final NRC list publishing should be completed respectively. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to check NRC Final result and NRC draft using the website and by other ways such as by visiting nearest Seva Kendra (Offline) or using SMS or Dialing the toll-free number.

NRC Assam Result & Final Draft Check

NRC Assam Result & Final Draft Check

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All of you probably completed the first step already by providing your details. But still, there may be some problem and mismatch in your data because this normally happens when we gather a lot of data from many people. That’s why the second draft process will be conducted. Here you can check your give information once again and look for the mistakes. After that, the NRC Assam Final result will be published by 30th June this year.

How To Check NRC Assam Result?

Once the whole process is done, you can check your NRC Assam result when it’s get final or at the time it is complete draft. Below, we have described all the ways to check NRC Assam result, final or complete draft:

5 Ways of Checking Your Name in Part Publication Of Draft NRC Assam Result Final Draft

Ways To Check NRC Assam Result & Final Draft

Visiting Nearst Seva Kendra (Offline)

  • Visit your nearest NRC Seva Kendra.
  • There will be printed copies sticked to the wall or something.
  • Find your name from the list. That’s it.
  • This list will be available until 31’Jan from 10AM to 4PM.

Checking Online At is the official website for NRC Assam Result. Here you can check your information online over the internet.

  • Just take your phone or computer.
  • Open the browser and visit website.
  • Tap on “Complete Publication Of Draft NRC Is Active”. (Will be available later).
NRC Assam Result & Final Draft Check Online

NRC Assam Result & Final Draft Check Online

  • A form will appear, fill it up with your ARN number.
  • Complete the captcha verification to prove you are not a robot.
  • Then hit on the Search button. That’s it.

Check By Sending SMS

Yes! You can also know your NRC Assam Result or final draft by just sending an SMS. Below are the steps to do it correctly:

  • First of all, take your mobile and open messaging app.
  • Type “ARN<Space>Your ARN Number” and send to 9765556555.
  • That’s it. You will then receive an SMS containing your information.

Dialing Toll-Free Number

NRC Assam also gives you a way to know your NRC Assam complete draft or final result via dialing a number from your mobile. And the number is also toll-free. So, calling charges will also be free. See the steps below to begin:

  • Just unlock your mobile and open the dialer.
  • Type the toll-free number 15107 if you are calling from Assam state.
  • Otherwise, outsiders can call to 1800-3453-762 at any time.
  • Just follow the instruction given from then over the phone call.
  • And you will be able to check your name in part publication of Draft NRC.

Other Important Stuffs For NRC Assam

  • Please make sure DND is not activated in your number.
  • If it’s activated, you won’t be able to receive SMS from NRC Assam.
  • And Guwahati users will need to provide their Ward number.

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